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Jersey Shore.

We are absolutely delighted by the overwhelmingly positive response to the new CIFF!",apple ipad,they are extremely costly too. Therefore, Andersen said. "Our new structure and showroom space has enabled us to attract exciting new brands to CIFF and we’re really excited to see an increasing number of international buyers and press at CIFF this season." His conclusion about the premiere was fittingly euphoric: "We couldn’t be prouder!"

Compared to February,original apple ipad, the number of visitors rose by 5 per cent and by a whopping 10 per cent compared to last summer. CEO Christian Gregersen was not only elated about the mere figures,original iphone,makes images more interesting, but also about the quality of the represented buyers: ”The most important thing is not the number of exhibiting brands, but the increasing number of high calibre Scandinavian and international fashion buyers that have visited Gallery this year."

OK, I admit it. There have been a few nights when exhaustion has set in and yes, while going through the 5 billion channels on my DirectTV, I have hit upon (and stayed on) Jersey Shore.

The cast members all have their places,however,original ipad, don't they, and rarely do they deviate from their "brand". And don't you have an immediate reaction whenever someone mentions Snooki,Cheap apple ipad, or The Situation. Brilliant!

So what do we take away from the Jersey Shore phenomenon? What can we apply to our own businesses?

1) A little controversy and a small amount of "outlandish" behavior doesn't necessarily have to be all bad. And while much of the media attention that has been fostered upon the fine folk of Jersey Shore has dwelt upon some of their more lewd and lurid activities and actions, you have to admit that they have become quite the media darlings.

2) Stay true to your brand. Think about it. Have you ever seen Snooki without a pouf on top of her head? Does JWoww appear in demure Peter Pan collared shirts? What about you? Has your brand suffered from any sort of flip flopping especially during these economic times when business owners are changing things up just to stay afloat (and potentially undermining their brand recognition).

3) Think big. JWoww is designing a line of clothes,Cheap apple iphone, The Situation is parlaying his fame with product endorsements and one can only wonder about where we will see Snooki next. Where were these folks 2 years ago? Need I say more.

Now that I think about it,original apple iphone, maybe I should just watch a few more episodes. Where's the remote?

But not only the re-invented shows celebrated a great success. Gallery, where predominantly designer-oriented labels are presented,cheap ipad, was also able to maintain its course of growth: with 340 brands,apple iphone, the show managed to attract a record number of exhibitors. 12’045 visitors, a figure never reached before,cheap iphone, found their way to the Forum.

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