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which unlike most on the high street are spacious

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Another highlight of the store design is the changing rooms, which unlike most on the high street are spacious, have floor-to-ceiling mirrors, flattering lighting and even have magnetic-edged curtains so you can actually close them.

3. "Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize" Another trick used is to try to get you to buy all of your wedding day accessories there, from tiaras, to shoes, headpieces, necklaces, bras and so on. This is really their bread and butter. These items are priced anywhere from 2 to 10 times more than at your average department store. Don't be tricked into paying more for these items than you must.

1. "Somebody Else Also Wants It" of the oldest tricks in the book. Just try to go into any bridal shop in town and not hear this one. Lets face it,Rocawear, the goal of the salespeople are to get you hooked on a dress from their bridal shop today. And if that means asking for a down-payment (basically guaranteeing you'll buy it), then they'll try to get that out of you,as during the last twelve months. It is also a way they try to get rid of your negotiating power, because they act as if someone else is willing to pay full price for it,wholesale apple macbook.

Bridal shops aren't dumb. They know that brides are willing to spend money on their wedding more so than just about any other event. Also they realize that when it comes to their dream wedding gown, most brides won't say no if the price is close.

Adidas AG, the second largest athletic apparel group worldwide, post losses of 273 million euros for the fourth quarter on Thursday, heavily weighted by its smaller or less profitable brands. It has written down the value of its weakening Reebok brand but it confident on sales and earnings would increase this year, it raised its dividend payments.

Did you know that you might be getting tricked into spending more money at bridal shops and not even know it? It's true!

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